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Alexander Mosesov
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Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3M 3M5
Phones: (902)457-9491 or (902)307-2043
E-mail: mosesov@hotmail.com
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More than thirty years of academic, research, and practical experience in economies of newly independent and developing countries.
Research and consulting for governments, universities, and companies.
Major areas: macroeconomics, economic analysis, developing/transition economies, international trade, finance, financial analysis, cost-benefit analysis, project evaluation.

Academic Qualifications

Professional Experience

  • June 1996 - August 1998
    • Chief Economist
      Synergy International / Ministry of Finance of Kuwait, Kuwait-City, Kuwait
        Consulted Counter Trade Offset Program (OPD), Ministry of Finance, State of Kuwait.
        Provided economic, social and financial evaluations of international Offset Business Ventures, as well as economic / econometric estimations of their impacts on the economy of Kuwait. Designed and introduced several models in support of these functions. One of them, the Evaluation Model, is now a standard tool in the everyday practice of the Offset Program of Kuwait. Provided OPD with reports and recommendations on policy issues. Developed and conducted seminars for professional staff members.
  • August 1995 - April 1996
    • Consultant / Lecturer
      Iowa State University / Nizhni-Novgorod State Agricultural Academy Project,
      Ames, Iowa, USA / Nizhnii Novgorod, Russia
      • Consulted joint seminars and workshops on development of private sector in various areas of Russian agricultural business.
      • Lectured principles of macro- and microeconomics to students and adult professionals. Introduced curriculum revisions and new approaches to teaching.
  • January 1987 - January 1989
    • Assistant Professor,
      Department of Economics, CR and Trade Unions' College, Baku (Azerbaijan)
      • Lectured on the principles of the Soviet economy.

      • Developed curriculum and teaching materials.

      • Research on natural resources valuation under market transition.

  • August 1978 - January 1987
    • Research Associate,
      Department of Economic R & D, Petrochemical Branch Institute, Baku, Azerbaijan
      • Economic efficiency, project evaluation, and feasibility studies of new technologies in oil processing and petrochemical industry.
  • December 1981 - December 1985
    • Graduate Scholar (Aspirant)
      USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
      • Research: economics, new technologies, and feasibility of alternative fuels (non-oil sources) for petrochemical production.


Overall four books and about 30 papers, articles, proceedings, and synopsis. Among them:

Professional Memberships / Developments

Computer Competence

  • General: DOS, MS Windows & MS Office, Unix, Internet/HTML
  • Word processing: Word Perfect, Word (English/Russian)
  • Spreadsheets: Lotus, Excel
  • Database: Access, D-Base
  • Graphics: Paint Shop Pro, Harvard Graphics
  • Statistics: Shazam, TSP, SPSS
  • Professional: Comfar, GAMS


Personal Information

Date of Birth: November 11, 1956;
Nationalities: USSR , Armenia , Canada

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