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Alexander Mosesov
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Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Phone: (902) 457 9491
Fax: (902) 457 9491
Degree: Doctorate
Years Experience: 25
Currently Employed: no
Willing to relocate: yes

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Over fifteen years of academic, research, and practical experience in economies of newly independent states and developing countries.
Research and consulting for governments, universities, and companies.
Major areas: general economics, transition economies, economic development, international trade, project evaluation.


- Candidate of Sciences (U.S. accredited Ph.D.), Economics, 1985, USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
- M.S., Economics, 1995, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA
- B.S., Economics / Engineering, 1978, Azerbaijan Oil & Chemistry Institute, Baku, USSR


April 1999 - February 2002
Consultant, United Nations Development Programme/Government of Kuwait
Consulting Ministries of Planning and Finance of Kuwait under nationally executed UNDP project "Strengthening the National Planning System". Developing models, formats, documentation, and guidelines for project appraisal / evaluation. Training professional staff in conducting project evaluation, feasibility studies, and investment decisions.

July 1996 - August 1998
Chief Economist, Synergy International, Kuwait City, Kuwait
Consulting Counter-Trade Offset Program Department (OPD), Ministry of Finance of Kuwait. Provided macro-, microeconomic, and financial evaluations of the Offset Business Ventures. Designed and introduced several models in support of these studies. One of them, the project Evaluation Model, is now a standard tool in everyday practice of the OPD. Conducted seminars for the staff members. Wrote reports on policy issues.

August 1995 - April 1996
Consultant/Lecturer, Iowa State University/Nizhni Novgorod Agricultural Academy Project, Ames, Iowa - Nizhni Novgorod, Russia
Lectured principles of macro- and microeconomics to students and adult professionals. Introduced curriculum revisions and new approaches to teaching. Consulted joint seminars and workshops on development of private sector in various areas of Russian agricultural business.

September 1992 - July 1995
Exchange Visitor, Graduate Student, Research Assistant.
Edmund Muskie Fellow, U.S. Information Agency, Economics Institute, Colorado University, Boulder, Colorado Department of Economics, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa
Was selected to visit the U.S. academia as an Edmund Muskie Fellow. Took some graduate classes, which applied towards a M.S. degree in Economics. Later in the program conducted independent research for the Center of Agricultural and Rural Development, Department of Economics, Iowa State University. Main results presented in a paper on application of gravity models to inter-republic trade in the countries of the former Soviet Union.

August 1991 - September 1992
Professor (Docent), Deptartment of International Economics, Yerevan State University, Yerevan, Armenia
Lectured undegraduate courses on principles of economics and international trade. Research in foreign economic relations of Armenia.

August 1990 - September 1992
Professor, Deptartment of Economics, Institute of International Relations & Control Yerevan, Armenia
Lectured undergraduate courses on principles of economics and international trade. Research in foreign economic relations of Armenia.

January 1989 - August 1992
Research Associate, The Economy Institute, Academy of Sciences of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia
Research: Armenia's market transition - new financial, fiscal, and foreign trade systems. Regional natural resources' valuation and efficient utilization.

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Azerbaijan Trade Union Workshop, Baku, Azerbaijan
Developed curriculum and teaching materials, lectured principles of the Soviet economy, research on natural resources valuation under market transition.

Research Associate Department of Economic R&D, Petrochemical Branch Institute, Baku, Azerbaijan
Economic efficiency, project evaluation, and feasibility studies of new technologies in oil processing and petrochemical industry.

Aspirant (Graduate Scholar / Research Fellow), USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow, USSR
Research: economics, new technologies, and feasibility of alternative fuels (non-oil sources) for petrochemical production.

Overall 4 books and about 30 papers, articles, proceedings, and synopsis in the former Soviet Union professional sources. Full list of publications is available on request. Among them:
- Gravity Models for the Inter-Republic Trade. Accepted by Voprosy Ekonomiki Journal, Moscow, 1995;
- New Financial, Fiscal, and Monetary System for Armenia, Banker, Yerevan, 1992, No.2 (with V.Gabrielian);
- Value of Resources as a Criteria in Regional Economic Development. Problems of Economic System Renewal. Conference at Baku CP Higher Education College, Baku, 1988;
- Economic Efficiency of Alternative (non-oil) Resources in Petrochemical Production. Candidate of Sciences Dissertation, USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow, USSR, 1985.

1992-1994 Edmund Muskie Fellow (US Information Agency).
1993-1995 Vice President, US/Armenian Scholarly Exchange (U.S. Information Agency).

1995-1997 European Economic Association
1993-1996 American Economic Association
1989-1993 Association of Armenian Economists

General: DOS, Windows, MS Office, Internet/HTML, UNIX
Word Processing: Word Perfect, Word (English/Russian)
Spreadsheets: Excel, Lotus
Graphics: Paintbrush, Harvard Graphics, Paint Shop Pro
Statistics: Shazam, SPSS
Professional: Comfar, GAMS

Armenian, Russian - mother tongues;
English - excellent;
Azeri-Turkish - fair;
Understand most of Slavic languages of Eastern and Central Europe.

DoB 11.11.1956, male, married, two children.
Permanent resident in Canada


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